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Vaginal Rejuventation

Forma V, also known as VOTIVA in the states is an FDA approved radiofrequency treatment that works to treat vaginal relaxation, a condition most often caused by childbirth or aging.

Forma V tightens the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, giving you increased strength, control, and confidence. This non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure uses a therapeutic device for the treatment of sexual dysfunction or as an adjunct to Kegel exercises (tightening of the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone).

Votiva (FormaV) offers advanced technologies to address feminine health and wellness concerns utilising radio frequency heating to improve elastin and collagen production.

FormaV is a non-invasive, sub-dermal heating technology that applies uniform RF heating to both the internal and external vaginal tissues. This versatile tool can treat vulvar laxity (internal vaginal looseness) or labial sagging (external tissue looseness). The result is noticeably tighter, smoother skin and tissues.

During the treatment a small wand is applied to the problem area to deliver safe and effective heat, your Mediface practitioner will determine the best course of therapy for you. Most patients undergo between 1-3 sessions 4 weeks apart.

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Vaginal Rejuventation

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The team at Mediface will listen to your concerns and medically examine your individual condition to determine whether this treatment will benefit you. You should not receive Forma if you are currently pregnant, trying to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

It is always advisable to have these procedures performed by a skilled and trained medical professional to ensure a safe outcome. The procedure itself uses FDA cleared technologies and any concerns can be discussed with Mediface Aesthetics’ medically trained team, prior to treatment.

While many patients have slight discomfort during and/or immediately after the treatment, some patients experience no discomfort at all. You can expect to feel a heating/warming sensation throughout the treatment.

Developing any adverse reactions or side effects from undergoing this treatment is very rare, as the treatment is tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient. It is always recommended that the patient disclose any health information or details about their medical history to the team at Mediface, during the pre-treatment consultation, to minimise the risk of developing any complications.

Following Forma V with our Votiva platform you will be able to resume normal activities including sexual intimacy, vaginal stimulation, as well as athletic activities and normal activities of daily living, as this procedure does not usually incur any associated downtime.


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