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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers is an FDA approved treatment that is used to give the lips an appearance that is smooth, hydrated and full of volume. As well as enhancing the shape and size of the lips, lip fillers can also address the effects of ageing by improving the texture of the skin and softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles, both on and around the mouth.

A popular procedure at Mediface, we use high quality dermal fillers, which are FDA approved and are renowned for their effective, natural looking results.

At Mediface, lip fillers are administered by one of our medical team. Precise injections are placed at specific points on and around the mouth, whether the aim is to subtly restore natural-looking volume, or to enhance the size and definition of the lips. The specially formulated hyaluronic acid works with the internal tissues, as well as following the lips’ natural lines, to increase volume and improve top to bottom lip proportion.

Mediface Aesthetics will always require you to attend a pre-treatment consultation, where our experienced medical practitioners can assess your concerns. The course of action that we recommend will be bespoke to you and the result you desire, which will also determine which product we intend to use.

Lip enhancement procedures use dissolvable products which can be reversed using a simple treatment that works rapidly to reverse the results. At Mediface, our experienced medical team will sometimes be called upon to correct an unsatisfactory result when lip fillers are administered by other providers.

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Lip Fillers

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A suitable person would be someone who is affected by thin lips, lip asymmetry or lip lines. By undergoing a pre-treatment consultation, a full assessment of the presenting conditions can be performed, and a bespoke treatment plan can be put together.

This treatment has FDA approval and is a popular procedure, frequently requested around the world. Mediface Aesthetics follows strict guidelines regarding the safety of their patients and always has an individual’s well-being in mind. The procedure itself is sure to be carried out by a professional medically trained injector who has completed comprehensive training in order to perform treatments of this nature safely and successfully.

Due to the delicate nature of the lips, this treatment may cause some sensitivity and discomfort. It is important that a professional injector carries out this procedure, taking as much care as possible to ensure the patient’s comfort. However, you should expect the sensitivity to last for a couple of days. Appropriate pain relief can be taken at home to alleviate any discomfort during this period.

Following the procedure, you may experience swelling and bruising to the lips. This should settle within a few days when the lips should start to look noticeably fuller, smoother and more youthful. As the ingredients have FDA approval the risk of adverse effects are minimal, however, your expert practitioner will explain everything in full prior to the treatment.

Initial swelling should subside after a few days. During this time the patient may want to stay away from others, while they return to a more natural looking appearance. Otherwise, carrying out usual daily duties should not be affected.


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